Ippin Junmai Sake 720ml


$30.00 bottle


This sake is dry, very dry, and clean.

A complex fragrance of freshly cooked rice, with subtle sweet spiciness of dried fruits mixed in. On the palate, there is a strong, citruicy acidity and also chewy, rice-driven umami.

I like experimenting with warming junmais, and when warmed, Ippin junmai retains its bity dryness, but the smoothness also magnifies.

Overall, enjoyable, clean and refreshing sake. There is a distinct umami note, so it is best paired with umami-rich foods. The brewers recommend oysters, salmon and king fish.

About the brewery – Yoshikubo brewery in Mito city in Ibaraki prefecture was established in 1790. “We are only young!”, said to me the grandson of the current president. Fumi Yoshikubo, the 80 year old lady, is the 11th-generation of the family to head the brewery.

Yoshikubo sake has global reach, sold across several continents, but the sake has a distinctly local feel. All kurabito are local, and all went to the same high school. The brewing process is reigned over by the Nanbu Tōji Tadayuki Suzuki, who recently came to replace the venerable Katsuo Sasaki, one of the most respected tōji of the Nanbu guild.

The most surprising thing about Yoshikubo is that Satoshi, one of the president’s grandsons, lives on Sydney’s northern beaches and promotes Ippin sake across Australia. A truly global jizake.

Brand Name Yoshikubo
Size 720ml
Standard Drinks 3.6
Alcohol Volume 15%
Country Japan

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Ippin Junmai Sake 720ml

Ippin Junmai Sake 720ml

$30.00 bottle

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