Gift Set - Meoru wine (wild grapes wine)


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Meoru Wine (Wild Grapes Wine) ALC 16%

750ml Glass Bottle

Meoru Wine is made from wild grapes, harvested form the famous Chiri Mountain in South Korea. Meoru has been known as a good fruit that is effective against arteriosclerosis, ageing, diabetes, and hyperpiesia (persistent and even pathological high blood pressure). According to the Dongui Bogam (Exemplar of Korean Medicine, 1613), it is also helps to cure gastroenteric trouble, and asthma.

Wild grapes (meoru in Korean) contain 10 times as much calcium as ordinary cultivated grapes. In Korea various varieties of meoru grow, including chammeoru, wangmeoru, jopssalmeoru, saemeoru, and gaemeoru.

Their average size is just 30% of that of cultivated grapes, but their nutritional value is no less than that of the cultivated ones. there is much evidence to show that Korea meoru have been eaten for ages. One such piece of evidence is a poem written in the Goryeo period (918-1392) and entitled ‘Life on the Green Mountain’.

And it goes: “On a green mountain I will live. By eating meoru and kiwis I will live...” Meoru have also been consumed in the form of wine produced at home.

It’s like a Port wine, it has a hint of sweetness and carrying a full flavour of the wild grapes but it is light wine unlike the usual Port and can be great over a dinner or dessert.

This featured wine, Meoru Wine is brewed with the traditional Korean formula. The wine gives an exceptionally unique flavour of wild grapes’ aromatic and luscious taste.

Meoru wine effective

Wine and have exactly the same effect. Sweetness of glucose, fructose composition and acidity of apple acid, and other vitamins B1, C, and so contain fatigue, illness health, tonic, blood, appetite or thirst, as well as to stop the diuretic is very good.

Brand Name Myeong Ga Won Gift Set - Meoru wine (wild grapes wine)
Size 750ml
Standard Drinks 9.46%
Alcohol Volume 16%
Country Korea

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Gift Set - Meoru wine (wild grapes wine)

Gift Set - Meoru wine (wild grapes wine)

$30.00 set /

$190.00 box of 8

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